#1 Delicate Bristle Upholstery Cleaning Brush Attachment




There are two types of Capn Clean brush attachments, #1 Delicate Bristle, and #2 Soft Bristle.  Both are equipped with a bit that locks into your corded or cordless power drill.

We strongly recommend starting with the #1 Delicate brush attachment on most fabrics.  The Delicate brush is also included in the Capn Clean Upholstery Cleaning Kit for $29.99.

For inexperienced Capn Clean users, our #2 Soft Bristle brush attachment is recommended for durable fabrics, like microfiber, performance, fabric, and outdoor fabric.  It takes some practice to master using the #2 Soft brush on delicate or damaged fabrics.  More experienced Capn Clean users and professionals that master their brush spinning technique can use the #2 Soft brush on delicate fabrics like crushed velvet and chenille.

IMPORTANT:  Do not attempt to use any other brush attachment on your fabric.  You will almost certainly damage your fabric.  We custom manufacture Capn Clean brushes with a proprietary chemical softening process.  For sections of delicate, damaged, loosened, or heavily worn fabric, first-time users of Capn Clean should use the Hand Cleaning Towel Method instead of a brush attachment.

Capn Clean brush attachments fit most corded and cordless power drills, hammer drills, electric screwdrivers, impact drills, etc..  Power drills can be purchased at department stores and hardware stores for less than $20.00.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in