Capn Clean 100% Cotton Terry Towel



Accept no substitutes!  Purchase official Capn Clean 100% cotton terry towels and take the guesswork out of your DIY upholstery cleaning.  These towels provide just the right amount of agitation for stain lifting and absorbency to handle even the toughest spots and stains.  To make your work easier, we recommend purchasing additional towels.  These towels are also included in the Capn Clean Upholstery Cleaning Kit for a reason – we want our customers to experience the best possible results. These aren’t fancy towels, but they have the perfect terry loops and agitating ability to lift up soil, stains, and odors.

If you are cleaning damaged or delicate sections of fabric, we strongly recommend using the Capn Clean Hand Cleaning Towel Method.  If you’re cleaning more than one square foot of fabric, it’s a good idea to purchase additional towels.  We sometimes use up to 10 towels on a moderately soiled small sofa, to give you an idea of how many towels you might need.

If you have cotton terry towels already, of course, you may still use those and do the job just fine – it’s just that, in our experience, thicker heavy duty cotton towels don’t lift up soil and stains as well as these towels do.  Some cheaper cotton terry towels, such as the ones that you find at home improvement stores or department stores, tend to be thin and don’t provide adequate agitation and absorbency.  At Capn Clean, we’re very picky about towels and these are simply the best for our upholstery cleaning process.