Capn Clean Upholstery Cleaning Solution Kit


Anyone can dry clean upholstery like a pro.  No residue.  Green Seal certified.  Safe on all fabrics and fibers, including velvet, chenille, rayon, viscose, grasses, silk, wool, linen, and more.


Cap’n Clean is the leading dry cleaning solution for furniture upholstery, fine fabric, and drapery cleaning.  Our formula is Green Seal certified, Wool Safe certified, and safe on fine and delicate fabrics, including silk, chenille, rayon, viscose, and natural fibers, including jute, grasses, and down / feather filling.

Our upholstery cleaning solution uses proprietary embrittling ionic technology that releases tiny soil and stain particles from threads and fibers with a very small amount of water.  Once the water droplets evaporate, the bonded soil can be easily toweled away and vacuumed up once completely dry.  The result is flawlessly clean fabric and upholstery that is dry and ready to use.

Other upholstery cleaning machines and professional equipment use hot water that is forced deep into the fabric and filling of upholstered furniture, much of the dirt simply sinking into the filling materials leaving behind a wet and unsanitary result.

Our cleaning products are certified as green and non-toxic, pH neutral, and do not leave any sticky residue whatsoever, guaranteed.  This sticky residue is what you would find if you take any other upholstery cleaning product on the market.  Just pour a small amount of the liquid solution into a clear glass.  Let it dry for a day or two and the sticky stuff remaining at the bottom of the glass is the actual sticky residue that would have been all over your furniture and fabric had you decided to use an alternative upholstery cleaning solution.

This damaging residue is not just a nasty chemical, but it also attracts new dirt and stains like glue, latching onto fibers and threads.  If you’ve ever had your upholstery steam cleaned, you might have noticed that it doesn’t stay clean very long due to the soil-attracting power of detergent residue.

If you can use a cordless drill, you can clean upholstery just like a pro with Capn Clean.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in